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Fresh Purpose.

Freshwater Media works with helping companies get at the "heart"  of the real reason they are in businesses -- their purpose.  We determine in simple terms the passion that drives (or used to drive) their business and we identify their "unique impact on humanity" -- the reason their customer will care. 

Then we set out a plan to bring that message to the marketplace. 


Fresh Mind.

Freshwater Media works with multidiciplined professionals who are highly skilled in the area of videography, graphic arts, photography, web design, organizational development and many other specialty business practices.  We get to know you well, understand your deepest desires for your business, and then act as your "general contractor" to seek out and coordinate the resources you need.

Sometimes it takes a fresh mind to cut a new path -- to see the individual trees from inside and outside the forest.

Fresh Body.

"Becoming Freshwater" is reflective of acknowledging that we are all a "work in progress" towards becoming; becoming stronger, becoming wiser, becoming more holy, more spiritually mature. Ultimately our businesses cannot become something that we ourselves have not also become in the process.


We help businesses evaluate the physical environment of the workspaces they have and encourage them to promote good health practices.  We also look at the relationship between teams to see if there are "toxic" communication patterns between groups that could be made healthier with greater understanding of each other's differences.  We encourage the use of "personality indexes" to such as Myers/Briggs, Strength Finders and others to evaluate and validate improve each worker's individual contribution.


Fresh Spirit.

Our principles are based in biblical teaching that recognizes that all gifts are from God including those we use in the marketplace.  Our businesses should be a place to make a fair profit, to impact the the world for the greater good with beneficial products and services and to treat people with love and respect. 

Our marketing plans are geared to impact our clients employees and their customers and should reflect the light of Christ, sowing generously into the lives of all.