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The Big Lie and The Greater Truth - Author Signed Copy

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Popular culture is lying to you -and it was lying to me in the 1960's in much the same way.My story is not uncommon, but it is mostly untold. Many people lived through that era and went on to live productive lives. But many died, not from war, but from drugs, alcoholism and a plethora of sexual diseases. And many survived, but live wounded, too afraid or too ashamed to talk about the result of the poor choices we all made -- the ones popular culture was telling us to make - the ones that nearly destroyed us.This book shines a light on the dark side of sexual liberation - to look at the real trajectory of what the 60's era of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll did to women and children, what it did to families and what it did to me. The "Make Love - Not War" propaganda was a Big Lie and its impact on society was damaging, particularly to women, entrapping them in a cycle of loneliness while it advertised their freedom.Mine is a story of coping, covering up, limping along and being in denial and miserable until I came to the end of myself and found a Greater Truth that healed the wounds of my adolescence and gave joy to adulthood. So, it is also a story of overcoming, of victory, of love and joy and purpose. There is healing in revealing one's story, if only in private confession, and a lightness that comes when you do. Join me as I share how a Greater Truth silenced the lies in my head, gave me the power to live with a grace that acknowledges my failures and still calls me to be my very best. This is how to overcome and to find a path back to your true self, to the amazing person you were really created to be.