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"Freshwater" in marketing means:


                             Understandable.   Unambiguous.   Transparent


                              Uncontaminated.   Untainted.   Genuine.   Authentic


                               Uplifting.   Wholesome.   Satiating.  


                                Free from filth or unpleasantness.   Free from something wrong.  


Freshwater Media Management is:

  • mission for creating a purer, higher standards approach to advertising messages that uplift and inspire the consumer. It’s Promotion without Perversion. Sales without Seduction.


  • service to help business owners make responsible choices when placing their media dollars with institutions whose programming reflects a higher standard of content - because where your message is seen/heard, says as much about you as what you're advertising. 


  • A source of encouraging content that reflects and celebrates strong values, promotes character-based living and business conduct and that strengthens our communities.  Good business allows for free enterprise, loving our customers like we love ourselves and bringing peace to the world through a responsible and mutually beneficial exchange.