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7-Hills Church

Senior Pastor Marcus Mecum of 7-Hills Church in Florence, KY.  Excellent source of vibrant messages that speak to God's plan for the restoration of the world, of each of us individually and of all the nations of the world.  Live services weekly on-line, devotionals, ministry opportunities and an e-family of prayer support.

Trafficking Hope

Trafficking Hope brings awareness and education to local communities on the issues of domestic sex trafficking, in addition to providing services to trafficked victims.

End Human Trafficking.  It's not okay.

Mastermedia International

Perhaps at no time in American history has such a small number of men and women wielded such awesome and continuing influence over so many others as do the leaders of our media. Yet, the few hundred people who control film, television, the Internet, and other media are mostly unknown to the American people. Because they are unknown, these leaders are seldom the object of the most powerful force on earth - the power of prayer to the living God. For a copy of the current Media Leader Prayer Calendar click here